Dr. Frederic Narbel – Switzerland & Finland

Doctoral Alumnus

Nationality: Swiss and Finnish

Highest Academic Degree: DBA, 2017

Institution / University: Business School Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

Professional Career

Frederic (Fred) Narbel holds a BBA, an MBA and a DBA from Business School Lausanne. He works for OptiBiotix Health plc. as Managing Director – prebiotics. OptiBiotix is a life science business developing compounds to tackle obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Before joining Optibiotix, Fred worked in a number of roles for Agropur including Vice President of Sales – Nutrition Solutions and Director of International Sales. Fred has also lived and worked in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Research Interest

Having worked in various industries located in different countries, I have come to realize that despite the differences in cultures, the common underlying factor affecting the management of a company is its capital structure. Being persuaded that the “short-termism” syndrome has a negative impact on the company and its shareholders in the long-run, the environment and society, I want to research the subject to better understand the dynamics and eventually suggest an optimum capital structure model.

Research Specialty

Capital structure, corporate strategy, corporate finance, sustainability, operations management.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

“Make a difference”, those are the three words I would use to describe my motivations. I am certain that today’s overall business practices are the by-product of out-of-time models. With the acceleration and globalization of business practices in today’s global environment, I feel the need to stop and reflect on what I have learned, analyze and process my findings to then use them to contribute and make a difference. When I was a child, my father always asked me whether I wanted to be a passenger or the pilot of the plane. I see the DBA as a chance to become a pilot and make a difference.

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