Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi

Business School Professor of Practice

Nationality: American

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Associate Professor Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi earned her MSc in Marketing with Merit from Salford University, Manchester, UK. She earned a distinction on her dissertation, To post or not to post: Exploring how university students navigate the trichotomy of private/public/professional domains and demarcations on social media to successfully engage in personal branding.

She also earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, one of the Ivy league’s “sister schools” famous for its writing program. She received her TEFL certificate from the English Language Centre in London, UK, and her Advanced Diploma in TESOL from the University of Leicester, Leicester, England. Professor Vehapi has lived in the US, France, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan, and Switzerland and speaks 6 languages (English, French, Albanian, Japanese, German & Tok Pisin at varying degrees of fluency as a result.

She has taught for almost 30 years as well as worked in university administration positions in Admissions, Marketing, and Recruitment for 15 of those years. She is culturally adaptable and welcomes contact with all citizens of our world. Comfortable working in multicultural business and teaching environments, she particularly enjoys direct contact with students and their parents during the recruitment and enrollment processes as well as in the classroom.

She is an active co-entrepreneur in the family business which took over a preexisting DPM Migros that was failing financially. On top of her other life roles, she presently handles Human Resources (training of new employees, scheduling, contracts, liaison with employees, creation of all office forms, etc.), Accounting (keeping accounts of money in the bank and safe, opening and closing of store, including counting the tills, receiving and paying bills, salaries, etc.) Marketing (designed ads, announcements, and placement) and overall Store Management (makes daily and weekly orders for goods, runs the bakery, works as cashier, stocks shelves, etc.) Since the family has taken over, the company has improved its income by almost a million Swiss francs annually compared to the previous owner, which is almost a third more than the original income of the franchise. Sales are predicted to reach almost double the original income within the next year to year and a half.

Her poetry has been featured in publications by The National Library of Poetry. She has also written for The Guardian Weekly and her textbook, Building Blocks in Writing: Structure, Support and Style is due out from Trafford Publications at the end of 2020.

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