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Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi

Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi

Associate Professor

Prof. Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi, American, teaches Business English at the Bachelor’s level at BSL. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, one of the Ivy league’s “sister schools” famous for its writing program. She received her TEFL certificate from the English Language Centre in London, UK, and her Advanced Diploma in TESOL from the University of Leicester, Leicester, England. Professor Vehapi has lived in the US, France, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan and Switzerland and speaks 6 languages at varying degrees of fluency as a result.

Prof. De Long Vehapi has taught for over 2 decades as well as worked in university administration positions in Admissions, Marketing and Recruitment for almost the same length of time. She is culturally adaptable and welcomes contact with all citizens of the world.

Her poetry has been featured in publications by The National Library of Poetry. She has also written for The Guardian Weekly and her textbook, Building Blocks in Writing: Structure, Support and Style is due out from Trafford Publications at the end of 2013.

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