Stang Disayanon

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Thai

Highest Academic Degree: MA Marketing Communications

Institution / University: University of Westminster

Professional Career

Before I was promoted to Director at Kantana Group in 2019, I’ve had the privilege to pursue my dreams as a full-time executive producer over 6 years, where I take my production expertise to the top television channels in Thailand, resulting in the airing of popular primetime scripted and non-scripted content, from local to international formats. I produce an average of 4 projects per year, 30 hours of content per project. My creative skills have proven to be an asset in areas from pre-production to post-production. I ensure smooth operations on filming sets and develop strong working relationships with many top networks, directors, writers, cast and crew, sponsorship in both Thailand and abroad. As a content provider, I constantly strive to provide relevant content to various platforms offline and online.

Research Interest

Thailand’s media and entertainment have been hit hard due to COVID, political unrest, and the arrival of digital TV. As personalization is prominent as ever, users now have the freedom to watch content in multi-platforms, how they want and when they want. As habits evolve, media and entertainment brands will have to consider the place they occupy in people’s new daily routines. From content to services, people are navigating the sea of options with help from deep learning and algorithms.  I am interested to further research how digital innovations support better marketing decisions in consumer decision in the entertainment and media industry.

Research Specialty
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Decision-Making
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The media and entertainment industry landscape is constantly evolving, rapidly trying to keep up with digital disruption. Those that can’t keep up, perish, while those that survive adapt rigorously with the everchanging times. Now that traditional TV, an important pillar of our business is unquestionably dying, our futures shifts to online platforms. The core of my job is to understand what consumers want as ratings and sponsorship are what keeps us relevant.

My desire for learning in a continuous process. I truly believe that the DBA program is not only relevant to my career path long-term but will additionally open a lot of doors for me. I want to show my organization that I’m willing to go that extra mile to prepare myself for a senior level leadership role that awaits me. I believe this program will allow me to acquire advanced tools, research skills, and professional experiences needed for better strategic planning and decision making. This research journey will provide me the expertise to be part of a movement that creates riveting stories and introduces new content to viewers allowing them to dream big.

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