Astrid Widayani

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Indonesian

Highest Academic Degree: MBA (2013)

Institution / University: Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia

Professional Career

Upon graduating from MBA in Strategic Management in 2013, Astrid began her career as the lecturer of Universitas Surakarta. In the same time, she gained the role to be the Director of Finance and Administration in Holding Group of Universitas Surakarta and Widya Nusantara Tourism Academy. Due to her excellent skills of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategic planning, marketing strategy, and team building, she finally was trusted to hold a strategic position in Higher Education Institution as the Chairwoman in Widya Nusantara Education Foundation in 2015 and Universitas Surakarta in 2017. In 2018, she was started to build a non-formal education company, PT. Pilar Bumi Bengawan, to fill the gaps that she understood was exist between the higher education institution and the other skills needed by society to be a global competitor. As the CEO of her own company, she is trying to build the soft skills the young people in her surroundings. She currently serves as the Chairwoman of Universitas Surakarta Foundation and CEO of PT.
Pilar Bumi Bengawan. Besides, To fulfill her passion in the community interest, she also now is working under her CSR program called Youth Reinforcement Program.

Research Interest

Her thesis research for MBA was focused on finding competitive advantage within Tourism Institutions in her city, Solo. From that research, she found that the most important thing to win the competition is not only creating the best strategy but also create a new product as a differentiation of the institution. By doing the research she has been upgrading herself in the field of planning to evaluate, craft and implement the strategy, building a new system, accompanying transformation process, and finding the best communication to the stakeholders. For that reason, she has a special interest in the subject research of business transformation and entrepreneurship of Education institution. Looking at how the competitive value owned by any business sector is still finding difficulties to success nowadays has put her on thinking of how to transform all the competitive value to be able to support the success of Education Institution in Indonesia, especially in Higher Education Institutions. She believes leadership and entrepreneurship take main roles in the process of those transformations needed. A combination of planning, business strategic, management, marketing, and dynamic transformation and leadership will be needed in this era of Revolution Industry 4.0.

Research Specialty

Market research and analysis, online learning, business strategic, stakeholder communication strategy, boards of government.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

She believes that transformation and entrepreneurship is the key to business sustainability, especially in Private Higher Education Institutions. Building the bridges between the competitive values of the business and the revolution industry 4.o demands would only be able to achieve by doing empiric and serious research on how to solve all the problem that might appears.

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