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Chayenne Wiskerke – The Netherlands

Bachelor of Business Administration

Dutch, Bachelor of Business Administration

Chayenne is an ambitious BSL graduate, currently pursuing her MBA degree at Columbia University, in NY. Before undertaking her business studies at BSL, she was active in equestrian, show-jumping, and competed in the Dutch team at the European Championships selection competitions. “BSL has been the ideal transition between a sport’s and a corporate career as the Bachelor of Business Administration created a strong foundation to mature my personal development. BSL synergized growth of knowledge and experience and prepared me for the start of a prospective profession,” shares Chayenne.

How do you see yourself making a difference to the world?

I am passionate about agricultural sustainability and continuous improvement of valuable future agriculture performance. As the global food supply is currently facing hard challenges due to strong altering climate conditions and the rapid growing world population, agricultural and global food production is becoming more pivotal and requires strategic management. This is a manageable process between producers and consumers, and as currently Wiskerke Onions has the potential to further develop its stake in such strategic management, I see it as a challenge to take part and become a driver of these essential developments.