The Legacy Band (2017)

BSL Faculty & Staff

As the idea came up that our faculty and staff could form a band and anyone with goodwill would be welcome, each of us engaged in this adventure with enthusiasm and determination to make it work! It was going to be challenging: Celebrating our students’ achievement and our 30th Anniversary in only three months’ time by performing at BSL’s 2017 Graduation Ceremony, never having played together before, some of us not having touched their instrument for years, and not even owning at the time, and some of us living in remote areas and working elsewhere during the week. Rehearsing all together as often as we could was imperative. What made it happen is that each of us joined the band with a positive attitude. We could feel this energy and it made it clear that, although it would be challenging, we were going to enjoy the ride. Positivity leading to positivity, we were confident that we would find our missing link, a bass player. We just had to be a little flexible and open-minded and, soon, we greeted Koff, the icing on the cake. He perfectly fitted our team spirit. Yet coming from outside our community, he was our structuring element, not only as an experienced musician but also as a human being. Humble and forgiving, Koff united us all further through his valuable and considerate guidance and his continued commitment and availability. Life is like music, it is all about seeking harmony and cohesion, sharing, caring, supporting, and encouraging diversity. It is as simple, yet as enriching, as that!