Dr. Vincent Giolito

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: French

Professional Career

Dr. Vincent Giolito is both an academic and a practitioner. Holding a doctorate from Université Paris-Dauphine and an MBA from Insead, his research interests are at the crossroads of strategy and executive leadership in the context of globalization and digitization. He particularly focuses on strategic deviations or errors and the ways to avert failure (see references); and develops his research within the overarching framework of value creation/value capture. He has a specific interest in alternative, ethical theories of leadership, most notably servant leadership, with respect to strategic outcomes.

Dr. Giolito is also a trusted advisor to executives, particularly in large FMCG and financial companies, and also smaller tech and biotech startups. He also has deep experience in the media industry, both as a business journalist (deputy editor at French newspaper Le Figaro) and entrepreneur.

Favorite Research Topics
  • Strategy
  • Value creation & Value capture
  • Strategic errors and error management
  • Digitization
  • Alternative leadership theories: servant leadership, authentic leadership + positive psychology in the workplace

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