Dr. Henry Oguine

Doctoral Alumnus

Nationality: Nigerian and Luxembourgers

Highest Academic Degree: MBA, 2009

Institution / University: Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

Professional Career

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy  (Basic Medical Science) from the University of Calabar, Nigeria, I found myself in the field of finance by coincidence on moving to Europe. My experience in the financial sector started in the field of Asset Management, then Bank and since 2008 in the Insurance Sector. In 2008, I joined a Swiss Life Products (Luxembourg) as pioneer member of the Variable Annuity Insurance Team, here, the experience I gained from my years in the financial sector was of immense importance in starting up a company, building a team and ”going to market” in the middle of the financial crisis. Having survived the crisis, I have progressed with the company holding the position of Associate Director responsible for Investment Operations.

Research Interest

My research interest is in the areas of sustainable energy and food especially in the developing world. The next phase of global economic growth is expected to be led by the developing world, this cannot happened without adequate supply of food and energy. I am interested in exploring the role the financial sector can play in this area as a business strategy, to lead the next phase of real and sustainable global economic growth, solve the food and energy issues affecting the developing world, and above all, to do that with the environment, nature and people in mind.

Research Specialty

Business Strategy, Sustainable Finance, Financial Sector, Sustainable Energy and Agriculture

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The motivation for my DBA program is to continue the unending journey of knowledge acquisition. Knowledge they say, makes one humble, and I will like to continue this inner journey of life with the DBA program, interacting with like-minded researchers, learning from more experience minds, and hopefully will become a humbler and a more balanced being. On completion, I believe a doctorate in the area of financial sustainability will help me contribute in creating awareness on the impact of business on the environment, the social inequality that comes with aggressive, unconstrained, and unethical business practices, and above all, the economic race to the bottom. Finally, the DBA will help broaden my horizon and improve my options in an ever complex and hypercompetitive business and financial environment.

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