Andiara Petterle – Brazil / Italy

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Brazilian / Italian

Highest Academic Degree: MA

Institution / University: Directors’ Consortium, Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Stanford Digital Transformation Certificate, Stanford University School of Engineering. MA and BA degrees in Media and Communications from Puc-Rio in Brazil

Professional Career

Currently Independent Board Member at Companhia Melhoramentos (BVMF: MSPA3) and Executive Vice- President of Product&Operations at Grupo RBS. Experienced and passionate transformation executive, board member and digital entrepreneur. Over 20 years of experience leading companies through transformational and growth journeys, acting in multiple roles as BOARD MEMBER, EXECUTIVE, INVESTOR and ENTREPRENEUR. Experience in leading digital business, media, technology and venture capital companies in Brazil. Currently focusing on generating business transformation impact on board level.

Research Interest

The evolution of corporate governance and the role of board of directors on critical transformation.

Research Specialty

Corporate governance and strategy, corporate purpose, ESG, role of the board of directors, digital transformation.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

I believe I am now at a point in my life when I need to organize the knowledge and experience cumulated over the past 20 years, deepening into studies of an specific area in which I have always been interested and worked with: transformation and the role of the board of directors. My experience has made me realize the big challenges for Boards and executives on implementing effective transformation strategies. In most cases, Boards were not fully ready to push or support senior management into the necessary changes. That is the main motivation to apply for the DBA program: to dedicate myself to deepen the knowledge in that matter through a more consistent and in-depth study, which seems the best way to achieve what I want.

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