I am grateful for all the people I’ve met at BSL, from teachers to staff and students. They are life-long friends and I believe that it is this interconnection that can change something

Carolina Casas – Spain

Bachelor of Business Administration

Spanish, Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA graduate of BSL, Carolina is currently pursuing a distance learning degree in Politics at Oxford University and prepares for her next step – launching her own start-up project as part of the family wealth management business. At her young age, she already has a list of accomplishments she could be proud of. She has gone from working in a family wealth management office in Geneva where she traveled extensively for business – to coordinating a team of seven people in her current occupation. She has organized an event initiated by Kofi Annan and led a church renovation process in her grandparents’ village. Carolina describes her BSL experience as a turning point in her academic, professional and personal life. She says it was the international environment at school, the small class size and the interaction with the teachers that she valued the most.

How do you perceive you have changed professionally as a result of your studies at BSL?

BSL taught me values and attitudes that go beyond corporate finance, management or marketing. It is more about how to interact with people professionally, facing the challenges of the real business world, making an impression, and finding your way to deliver and achieve.