Yanick Latil

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: French

Highest Academic Degree: Executive MBA

Institution / University: HEC Paris

Professional Career

Yanick is a Finance executive with strong multicultural roots benefiting of 21 years of experience mainly in the Energy sector internationally and in the Management Consulting, currently supporting the development of Small & Medium businesses in Qatar, based on a broad and pragmatical perspective. Yanick is an expert in M&A, strategy development, business planning and change management.

He holds an HEC Paris Executive MBA, one of the leading international business schools, for which he contributes actively as Associate Capstones Director on the Executive MBA programs, advising participants on the development of business projects, being a Jury member and taking part in several academic initiatives. He reinforced his financial knowledge with a master’s in finance and Accounting in a recognized institution in France.

Yanick professional goals are to actively support executive teams developing their own strategies, business opportunities or solving business problems through a strong leadership and dedicated advisory role. He is committed to continue supporting the development of leaders worldwide through sharing his knowledge in the strategy and financial areas.

Research Interest

Key factors of Successful SMEs development and growth, learning from experience and practical business cases, to help common business owners and entrepreneurs to sustain and succeed in the market.

Research Specialty

SMEs Development and implementation: Influence of external and internal factors impacting the SMEs performance and representing a key element contributing directly to their survival and success.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

I have seen examples of how small and medium sized enterprises face challenges to develop, or even sustain, in the difficult and specific Gulf Market. On the other hand, I have witnessed successful growth from a few of them in key business sectors.

I believe I benefit from a strategic position based on my experience and current work to help SMEs in the Gulf Region to increase their probability of success by developing a focused and specific research, contributing to the existing literature, drawing the key reasons for success and failure of SMEs through a series of practical business cases. The objective would be to guide entrepreneurs, avoiding the pitfalls, reassuring them on the right steps and shining a light on potential external elements that would require a change, helping policy makers in the governments to bring the necessary adjustments to improve the current SME framework, reinforcing SMEs success in the region. 

My personal outcome will be to become a thought leader in the area, a trusted advisor for Gulf entities (government institutions and small and medium enterprises) and an efficient Professor for renown business schools in the region.

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