Alexandre Rappaz


I fell in love with Futsal 13 years ago when I started playing as a goalkeeper for the University of Fribourg. It led to creating a Futsal club in my hometown, Fribourg, with my friends. We rapidly joined the top division in Switzerland and I then had the chance to be selected to play for the National Team. I truly enjoy this sport because it combines technique, quickness and, in my case as a goalkeeper, a great deal of craziness. In addition, the thrill of the competition makes me feel alive. It’s an amazing emotional boost, especially when you are representing your country in international games. Finally, the solidarity, collaboration, and social aspect of being part of a team and working together towards a common goal, is very important to me and gives me a lot of positive energy that I am then able to share with my family, friends and colleagues. Alexandre Rappaz, BSL staff member #HumansOfBSL