Diego Horcajada

Diploma in Sustainable Business

I am on a personal journey of seeking balance between personal and professional values. I joined BSL after 15 years of a successful career in supply chain, first as a consultant for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and later as Supply Chain Manager in Nestlé.

Around the same time I became a father, the current state of the world and the challenges of sustainable development became recurring thoughts keeping me awake at night. I’m convinced that we need, and we can, put social and environmental concerns at the centre of any corporate business strategy, without penalizing the financial results. I joined BSL’s Sustainable Business program to discover the tools needed to unlock business and social leverages and address the challenges of sustainable development and business sustainability.

When I am not working or studying, I like spending time with my family in nature. I am passionate about “silent” outdoor sports, including hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and mountain river fishing.