Do-Hyeong Lee

Doctoral CandidateBSL-aSSIST

Nationality: South Korean

Highest Academic Degree: MBA

Institution / University: Aalto University

Professional Career

  • Multinational pharmaceutical company (Pfizer)

  • Sales (Vaccines, Neuropathic Pain, Urinary treat, Respiratory disease areas)

  • Marketing (Neuropathic Pain, Infections, Vaccines)

  • Trainer (Vaccines)

  • Project management

Research Interest
  • Strategic management of Pharmaceutical company
  • Marketing strategy of Pharmaceutical company
Research Specialty

MKT & Sales opportunities / Strategy (Digitalizations) for Pharmaceutical company

Statement of Motivation for a BSL-aSSIST Dual Doctoral Degree Program

Applying for the BSL DBA course, based on my experience in the multinational pharmaceutical industry, I am applying to provide a better direction for the industry through advanced marketing and sales studies. I also hope to develop Pfizer by proposing better directions and strategies through DBAs.
Furthermore, I would like to help the industry by presenting new paradigms, organizational structures, and new types of business models to the pharmaceutical industry through these field experiences and academic development through DBAs.

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