Valeria Makarova

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: American / Russian

Highest Academic Degree: Ph.D. in Biology (1997)

Institution / University: Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Russia

Professional Career

Valeria held senior research positions at the Department of Biophysics, MSU, Moscow, Russia; conducted research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO, USA; held visiting positions with universities in Europe and Asia; coordinated and supervised international R&D collaborations and consulted high-tech start-ups on technology management. Valeria is working to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Her professional interests include support and promotion of sustainable and socially responsible business practices. She currently teaches and holds a position of director of teaching effectiveness at the School of Management, California Lutheran University, USA.

Research Interest

Strategic Management

Research Specialty

Business Case for Sustainability

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

My interest in sustainability has been evolving over many years of my diverse career, shifting from purely academic research in natural sciences and developing cleaner technologies toward exploring how environmental and social issues are managed by organizations. Teaching has always been a very important part of my professional calling, with sustainability theme becoming the main motivation and inspiration. I expect that this Doctoral Program would greatly facilitate my professional growth and provide new skills to better serve my professional community and students.

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