Mitsuaki Hasegawa

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Japanese

Highest Academic Degree: Master in Business Administration

Institution / University: Manchester Business School (currently, Alliance Manchester Business School)

Professional Career

I have been working in the financial industry for over thirty years for a number of global investment banks and asset managers, primarily in the areas of internal control, especially, in the field of compliance.

During these years, I have accepted various senior compliance management positions but none of them were of the type of boring legacy management. These positions were a series of challenges: creation, improvement, evolution, change, turnaround in various aspects of not only compliance but also governance and internal controls.

To meet and exceed the goals, I have been continuously working on improving people, processes, systems and frameworks to gain better effectiveness, efficiency, economics, and to internalize the expertise. I have always managed to deploy the team while rolling up my sleeves to support our clients, our firm, our brand, our franchise, our shareholders, and other stakeholders. This is fun!

Research Interest

Ethics/Moral Value Chain (EMVC) as a competitive advantage for the financial institutions in the age of ESG

Research Specialty

Value, Ethics, Moral, Leadership, Governance, Internal Control, Compliance

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

My main motivation to undertake a DBA is to advance my credential in the global business world, especially in the financial industry.

After completing the program, I would like to pursue senior corporate management responsibilities to contribute further to business growth through implementing better ethics/moral management systems and controls which, I envision, would become more and more crucial for the business success in the age of ESG: “Noblesse Oblige”.

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