Denise Roberson

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: American

Highest Academic Degree: Executive MBA

Institution / University: Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

Professional Career

Denise Roberson is president and CEO of Jadi Communications (Jadi), a global leader in advertising, marketing and strategic services. Jadi has represented a broad range of clients, including Fortune 500 and world-class brands such as National Geographic, Mazda, Costco, Sony Pictures, NASA / Marvel Innovations, Procter & Gamble, Experian, and Epson. Setting a leadership tone that is strong and clear, Denise ensures her team is focused on quality, innovation and the highest level of professionalism.

Denise has served in a board or advisory role for a number of organizations, including acting president for the Skull Base Foundation, a non-profit group devoted to innovative research and education, with the goal of reducing economic burden for people afflicted with skull base and brain tumors. She serves on the board of directors for Marvel Innovations, a next-generation medical device company partnered with NASA. Denise is also a board member of the Mural, Music and Arts Project, a thriving community development organization that collaborates with Stanford University to connect the arts to positive youth outcomes.

Research Interest

Working as a marketing executive for the past 20 years, I am constantly confronted by organizations who want to do something positive for people and the planet, but lack the models and structure to design a strategic program that is sustainable.  I hope to explore the use of communication technology to enhance brand value as a value driver for corporate sustainability and to begin creating the framework and models to implement these initiatives and integrate sustainability as a core component of future brands.

Research Specialty

Strategic marketing, branding, sustainability, business models

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

After attending my MBA, my passion for lifelong learning reawakened.  I’m excited to collaborate with brilliant minds, and to continue my personal journey of growth and evolving as a leader.  With sustainability continuing to move forward on a world stage, I want to do my best to serve as a thought leader in my industry, sharpen my skills as a researcher and influencer, and do my part to innovate and make an impact on global corporations and humanity.

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