Modesto (Nelson) Peña y Gorrin

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Swiss-Spanish

Highest Academic Degree: Executive MBA

Institution / University: MBA

Professional Career

As the founder, Chairman, and CEO of IMCI+ Group Intl. LLC based in Zurich, I established the company in 2004 following the completion of the BSL EMBA thesis and my Federal Master Degrees in sales and marketing management. Initially named Integrated Management Consultancy, my firm specializes in Strategic and Operational Consultancy, with a focus on Capital Services, particularly in Project Finance. Through the IMCI+ Alliance, we have a global presence spanning over 60 countries, with approximately 150 Alliance Members. Since 2010 the company is called IMCI+ Group Intl.

In my role, I serve as a Senior Business Advisor, Management Consultant, and Business Coach, contributing to the global development of our company. I primarily lead the Capital Services Division, overseeing approximately 20-30 projects/transactions and between 150-300 financial applications annually.

From 1998 to 2010, I primarily worked as an Interim Manager and CEO for ten companies, specializing in post-integration and restructuring initiatives. Additionally, I provided business coaching and strategic advisory services during this period.

Prior to founding IMCI+ Group Intl. LLC, I held various positions at esteemed organizations, including PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen Group) as the Country Commercial Director for PSA Bank, Adecco as Director, UBS as Portfolio Manager, and Alliance as Assistant General Agent. All in Switzerland.

I’ve been a lecturer at the Berne Business School for Strategy and Marketing Management.

Research Interest

The overarching aim of my DBA research is to enhance the effectiveness of project finance processes by addressing the diverse challenges faced by clients in substantiating the feasibility and bankability of their projects. Through a thorough exploration of the intricacies inherent in project finance, this doctoral study seeks to provide strategic insights and actionable solutions. The primary focus is on empowering clients to adeptly navigate the complexities of project and corporate financing. Moreover, the research aims to scrutinize and mirror the perspectives of both clients and investors/lenders, with the goal of formulating an innovative approach that fosters better alignment between financing requests and investment opportunities. An essential secondary objective is to assess the impact of adopting or neglecting such a holistic approach on the successful implementation of projects, ensuring congruency between planning and execution paths.

Research Specialty

Project finance with a strategic and holistic perspective.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

Embarking on the BSL Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is motivated by the desire to contribute substantively to the improvement of project finance practices and outcomes. Managing a portfolio exceeding 160 projects valued at approximately 130 billion USD, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by clients and stakeholders in developing professional documentation for securing funding and ensuring successful project implementation.

Since 2017, when we prioritized our project and corporate finance operations, a recurring theme has been the difficulties encountered by clients, stakeholders, and various entities in preparing a comprehensive documentation set. These challenges often result in project failures due to issues such as running out of cash, market limitations, flawed business models, legal and regulatory challenges, and misalignment between investors/lenders and project teams.

The main motivation behind pursuing the BSL- DBA is to showcase evidence that a more holistic approach, embodied in the “four pillars” system, can significantly enhance the success of clients and stakeholders. The “four pillars” system aims to materialize four interconnected tools: a Business Plan, Feasibility Study, Marketing Study, and Risk Management Framework. This holistic integration supports clients not only in obtaining financing but also in implementing and managing projects effectively.

Within the realm of project finance, the focus is on delineating encountered problems and challenges, particularly addressing the nonexistence of sufficient correlation and congruency between a functional business plan and integral feasibility studies, marketing studies, and risk management frameworks. This deficiency obstructs the positive influence of the business plan on the funding process and hinders the guarantee of a successful implementation.

Recognizing project finance as a market exceeding a Trillion Euros, the conviction is to offer solutions to identified problems, thereby contributing meaningfully to the business landscape. The DBA program is viewed to me as a unique bridge between applied science and hands-on experience.

Last but not least, I’m looking forward to experiencing new personal growth and challenges.

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