Dr. Mario Saba

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: French

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Dr. Mario Saba is a Professor of Information Systems (IS). He has been teaching IS-related subjects since 2009 at higher education institutions in Europe, USA, and the Middle East region. Dr. Saba has extensive experience in professional leadership contexts. Furthermore, he has developed academic programs and coaching approaches for both students and professionals at graduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr. Saba is a researcher and expert in weak signals pertaining to informational intelligence. Respectively, he undertakes applied research that tackles IS technology uses, decision-making tools, artificial and augmented intelligence. He focuses on systemic interactions which are not easily apprehended by the classical approaches in management and publishes the results of his methodological and practical contributions in peer-reviewed international journals. He leads projects and provides advisory services which transpose weak signals into strong factual touchpoints. Dr. Saba is the founder of Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland, an academy that undertakes applied research projects in IS and converts hospitality values into competitive advantages across all industries.

Dr. Saba holds a Ph.D. in Management Science – Information Systems, Two master’s degrees in marketing and Hospitality Management, and a PGCert in Higher Education from French and English Universities.

Favorite research topics
  • Weak signals and competitive advantage
  • Systemic interactions and Informational intelligence
  • Information technology implementation projects
  • Applied research and Action-Research methodologies

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