Dr. Sascha Berger


My whole family, my brother, mom, and dad work in our family business called digades. Our company is a German first-tier automotive supplier focusing on the development and production of remote controls and electronic control units. While my dad is currently heading the business, my brother and I strive to be the company’s next generation leaders. After having studied physics and mobile communications and having lived and worked in Germany, England, the USA, and Czech Republic, I thought that I would still need more business-oriented skills in order to be best prepared for my future. This is what brought me to BSL.

Besides enjoying all the new challenges at BSL, the location of Lausanne also gives me the unique possibility to engage in my hobbies like sailing, triathlon, and cross country skiing to the most extend. So, when not at BSL, you can find me sailing on, swimming in, running along, cycling around, or skiing nearby the stunning Lac Leman (Geneva Lake).