Luciano Bendi

Bachelor of Business Administration

BSL Stood out to me during my application process due to a few key features that outlined the ideal working environment for me.

First of all, BSLs small class sizes and meant more direct and meaningful interactions with classmates and professors. Through my previous experience learning in large lecture halls, I have learnt that peer and faculty interactions are crucial to an efficient and effective learning environment, BSLs small classrooms have provided me with this great advantage.

Furthermore, because of BSLs focus on Business and Sustainability, the networking opportunities within the students, faculty and alumni are extremely valuable. Especially due to the small size of the institution, you are bound to run into and meet people participating in all levels of their studies. 

BSL also offers unique courses in valuable areas of business that really sparked my interest. Some courses that peaked my interest include: “SDG (Sustainable development goals) explorer” and “Coding for business”.

  • What degree are you pursuing?

The Accelerated BBA program.

  • You have a passion for marine life, how do you aim to bridge your passion for the latter with sustainability discipline? 

The ocean has been a major part of my life since I can remember. Acting as a second home for me. I have always been passionate about the sea and marine life, this passion initially lead me to study Oceanography at Hawaii Pacific University.

Sustainability became a real focus for me as I began to notice dramatic changes in the marine ecosystem around my home in Phuket, Thailand. After hearing stories from local fisherman about how the seas used to be before tourism and overfishing, and noticing the disappearance of species and destruction of ecosystems personally, sustainability has become a major focus in my life.

I began participating in more sustainable forms of fishing, and educating myself in responsible behavior. Knowledge I hope to be able to pass to other people on the future.

Now my focus has been to educate myself in sustainability in business, so that I can one day make a real and positive impact towards saving the ocean ecosystems that I know and love.

  • What drew you into the school’s club program and inspired you to co-found your club?

The idea initiated during my first term at BSL. We had a course called “SDG Explorer” run by professor Sascha Nick, this course really opened my eyes towards the broad spectrum of sustainability, the main issues the world is facing, and sustainable behavior in my personal life. This course begun the discussion between Khulan and myself(Co-founders of the sustainability club), to create a full time club to educate BSL members on sustainable business and provide hands on experience in the sector.

We were both drawn to BSLs Club program and motivated to begin this initiative due to the level of support we received from both faculty members and members of the student council. We were able to connect and receive support and advice from many talented and experienced members of the BSL community.

  • How has your involvement with the club program and the Sustainability Club impacted your professional development?

In the short time the club has been up and running, I have personally taken part in many unique experiences that have taught me many valuable lessons in leadership, event organization, communication and management. Some activities we have organized include:

  • Guest speaker events,
  • General club meetings with fixed objectives
  • Kaizen project management workshop
  • Panel discussions

I have developed quality experience in organizing and mediating all of these events, I have learnt from my mistakes and noted key areas of improvement for future projects. I personally believe participation in this club has dramatically accelerated my professional development and given me first hand insights and experience in the professional leadership world.

  • Can you share with us some of your professional aspirations and career goals?

My short term professional goal is to attain a position at a company that provides goods and services for marine activities. I hope to be able to develop both my professional experience and knowledge on the ocean. Within my position there I will strive to actively improve the sustainable practices within the company while educate my peers into its importance.

In the long run, I aspire to become an entrepreneur producing sustainable marine related products while promoting sustainable business practices and mindsets.

  • What would you tell someone who is considering joining the Sustainability Club?

The club is open to everyone:

  • Whether you are an expert in the issue, or the topic is completely new to you,
  • Whether you have professional aspirations in the topic or not,
  • Whether you want to get a project started related to sustainability, or you are just interested in hearing more about it,

The club will welcome you with open arms!

We aim to educate and support our members in any way we can.

If you are unsure about your interest or passion on the topic?

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