David Kibbe

Treat others how you’d like to be treated.” This statement was the life mantra of my recently deceased father. As a child, he infused me with this and taught me to do good towards others, spreading love and care, goodwill and kindness, for the well-being of all. I too have found comfort living my life in this manner and rare are the times you will find me without a smile, lacking energy or without creativity. I love giving; sharing with others is truly what fuels me each and every day. When I do take time for myself, I indulge in a wide variety of hobbies. I have recently found new drive as I further explore the realm of audio. I used to upcycle old speakers placing them in suitcases and briefcases creating portable, unique devices, but nowadays, I have discovered the uniqueness of my voice. My peers have encouraged me to look deeper into this skill and in doing so, I have completed a few voiceover projects and was asked to be the voice for an upcoming book. If you are curious to hear more, give us a call at BSL and you will most likely have me answer the phone.