Dr. Franco Lucá – Italy & Germany

Doctoral Alumnus

Nationality: Italian and German

Highest Academic Degree: MBA (2009)

Institution / University: University of Wales

Professional Career

Franco Lucá is an experienced manager leading a luxury goods company in Florence. He has over 20 years of professional experience in sales and marketing, supply chain, project as well as turnaround management. He has held President and CEO positions in different B2B cosmetic packaging and B2C companies. Franco Lucá has an Executive MBA of the University of Wales in UK.

Research Interest

My research interests focus on improving transparency and traceability of leather in the luxury industry. The options and sustainability measures to improve the traceability of leather across the industry is of particular importance. There is a lack of transparency in the leather industry in terms of its supply chains. Tracking the exact source of the hides makes effecting change at the original source a particular challenge. I want to research and identify potential ways of improving traceability. My research work purpose to work in close cooperation with leading luxury companies to evaluate experiences and design dedicated strategies and concrete polices to increase transparency and traceability of leather.

Research Specialty

Sustainable strategies, Luxury industry, Leather traceability

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

My work experience has been in the areas of sales and marketing, supply chain as well as turnaround management. In the past six years I have developed a company in Germany into a hidden champion. In my current position I am challenged with sustainability issues in the luxury industry. Due to the focus on sustainability I was attracted to enroll on the DBA program at Business School of Lausanne. The whole luxury industry could benefit from creating initiatives to improve sustainability in the leather industry. As such, I see the DBA as a chance to make a real difference.

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