Dr. Maurik de Groot

Doctoral Alumnus

Nationality: Dutch

Highest Academic Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration

Institution / University: VU University Amsterdam

Professional Career

Lecturer Sales & Marketing Applied Sciences at the Business School of the University of Applied Sciences and the Johan Cruyff Academy (business education for top sport students) in Amsterdam. Responsible for designing inspiring Sales courses and teaching Sales, Marketing, Consumer Behavior and other Business classes. Furthermore, advising students on their projects, internships and writing a thesis. In 2020, the redesign of the main Sales & Account Management class of the Bachelor in Sales & Marketing to a 100% blended structure was completed.  Before teaching, Maurik worked for ten years in Sales and Account management functions in the Insurance Industry. During this period, he was responsible for the introduction and management of the distribution strategy of new insurance solutions.

Research Interest

Sales, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Business Administration

Research Specialty

The cross section of entrepreneurship and personal selling

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The DBA of BSL helps me to use my practical knowledge of sales and entrepreneurship for further development in the world of academia. Entrepreneurs are often struggling with their personal selling role. My desire is to support them with a dissertation that shows the understanding for the specific situation of entrepreneurs in the context to personal selling. Because of this research we hopefully gain the lessons the coming years on how entrepreneurs manage and execute sales activities and what is needed to improve in this specific area to increase the chance of recovery from difficulties in their existence. The aim is to support (future) entrepreneurs, students in entrepreneurship, policymakers and professionals supporting entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of Sales and Entrepreneurship.

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