Dr. Elodie Baerlocher

Business Psychology

Since I was a little girl, music, travelling and discovering cultures have always been a very important part of my life. Hence, right after high school, I decided to leave Geneva to join Up with People. This multi-faceted global education program uses music and community initiatives to transcend borders, forge connections, and unite people in a common humanity. During that year, I learned that discussions can have an impact on others and that positive change comes from debating ideas. I have always been in search of knowledge, novelty, diversity, in every part of my life. I am a musician, photographer, dancer, teacher and so much more. The multiplicity of my activities, with my beliefs about the necessity of exchange with my students, is the key to my urge of transmitting open-mindedness and discussion. In my class, disagreement is crucial to create understanding and move toward a more sustainable society.