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Dr. David Claivaz, co-author, Dr. in Letters, Edupreneurial Principal 15+;  David Claivaz is an education expert, teacher, school principal and CEO of a private education group in Switzerland. David Claivaz has taught and held managerial responsibilities at all education levels (primary, secondary, and university).

David also serves as the acting Dean of Business School Lausanne, and is a scholar in the field of literature. Passionate about technology and its implementation, David has been accompanying digital transformation in schools for the past 20 years.

David also acts as advisor and independent consultant for Edtech companies in Switzerland and supports educational transformation projects world-wide. David has been actively transforming all the institutions he has been working for and is continuously developing and implementing new solutions to meet the challenges the education system is facing.

Please find more about David Claivaz at: www.davidclaivaz.com


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