I appreciate the cultural milieu and diversity of experiences that fellow students enrich the learning atmosphere with.

Unmukt Goel – India

Master of International Business

Unmukt Goel, Indian, is a student in the BSL Master in International Business class of 2014-2015. Unmukt grew up in Dubai and has studied and worked in Singapore and the United States. He chose to study business in order to enhance his skill set and future opportunities, be better prepared for the challenges of a global career, and gain a holistic perspective on how businesses work.

What are you passionate about?

Some of the topics that fascinate me are Global Interconnectedness – the world becomes smaller and markets become bigger and more interrelated, and Customer Segmentation – the mechanisms that lead to such a diversity of customer profiles and the need to tailor products to the individual as opposed to mass-marketed production.

My BSL experience so far: engaging, interactive, practical, and enriching.

How would you describe your BSL experience so far?

Engaging, interactive, practical, and enriching.

What makes studying at BSL different?

There are several elements that make studying at BSL different for me: the school’s “alternative” perspective on business; the real-life experience that professors bring to the classroom; the cultural milieu and diversity of experiences that fellow students enrich the learning atmosphere with; and finally, the personalized attention.

How do you see your professional future in 5 years from now?

I strive towards a global strategy career – linking the old to the new (markets, technologies, products, business models), and focusing on high-value products (goods, services, experiences).

If there is one significant change you could accomplish in the world, what would it be?

I would initiate structural changes to ensure fair basic living and working conditions for the underprivileged majority of the world’s population – food, water, health, safety, etc.

What are the most important values today’s leaders should have?

Transparency, since the world gets smaller, more interconnected and people become more aware of issues as a result. Accountability towards stakeholders since businesses need to be sustainable now more than ever in order to succeed. And finally, ability to adapt to the challenges of competition in order to keep customers loyal and engaged.