Dr. Dominique Bourqui



Dominique Bourqui, PhD in Law, Serial Entrepreneur 15+, Business coach and entrepreneurial mindset development coach; Dominique Bourqui has never been an employee.

An entrepreneur since the age of 15, she co-founded and still manages Swissmadprod, a TV and Radio production company active in France and Switzerland. While working at the same time as a coach and consultant with her clients to help them launch and grow their start-up, Dominique has also found her way back to Academia and is the Chief Academic Officer as well as the Director of the Doctoral School of Business School Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Passionate about the entrepreneurial mindset development and about how to become the entrepreneur of one’s own life, she has been working and applying tools and strategies to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in schools with teachers and principals alike.

Please find more about Dominique Bourqui at: www.dominiquebourqui.com


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Edupreneurial Pivot

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