Pierre Boueri

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Lebanese

Highest Academic Degree: Executive MBA

Institution / University: HEC Paris

Professional Career

Serial entrepreneur and executive with more than 22 years’ experience in the water and energy industries. He was till recently the CEO of one of the leading companies with more than 40 years’ experience in the MEA region. He led its transformation from a family business to a corporate institution by creating an innovative corporate strategy and business model and implementing an authority matrix with its related policies that rendered a positive culture with on-going concern for the group. Management consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in assisting start-ups and SMEs in establishing strategies and innovative business plans, identifying unique value propositions and positioning, and finally implementing transformation processes with change management. He also is a mentor and investor in multiple start-up’s and serves on multiple boards in the MEA region. Finally, he founded and currently presides an environmental NGO that acts on sustainability in Lebanon and the region

Research Interest

Family Business SMEs, Corporate Governance, Change Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Research Specialty

Corporate governance for family businesses SMEs in the Middle East: An initial framework towards the corporate world.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The DBA of BSL helps me combine my practical knowledge and experience in corporate governance and entrepreneurship together with my newly conducted advanced theoretical research, for further innovative transformation and advancement in the world of family businesses SMEs. Family businesses always have faced major challenges especially when transitioning from one generation to another. In fact, the existing hurdles are very high rendering the family businesses at extreme risk of failures reaching as high as 97% at the third-generation level. My desire is to assist them by providing a standard practical framework to addresses the major objectives and risks. This framework will be implemented internally as an initial step towards corporate governance for the transformation into a corporate business. Because of this research, family businesses SMEs that are usually resistant to change and external guidance will align themselves in the right direction, aiming for the first milestone towards transitioning from family to corporate structure, having witnessed the benefits and the added value provided. The long and exciting journey begins here.

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