Yelshaday Gebreselassie

Master in International Business

I’m Yelshaday and I’m from Ethiopia. I was born and grew up in Addis. When I don’t study, I play pocket billiards. I like pocket billiards because it helps me think two, three steps ahead before I make a shot and it’s a very entertaining game at the same time. Before coming to BSL, I had a degree in Economics and decided to study business because I saw an opportunity where I can apply my economics knowledge in a more practical field. When I came to Switzerland, I was surprised to see how different life is here compared to Addis. The language was a challenge because I never spoke a word of French but also life is pretty much automated here and that bewildered me for a while. Fortunately, everyone at BSL came from a different country and it was only a matter of weeks before I felt at home. After I complete my degree at BSL, I would like to work for a large company for a few years to gain experience before I go on to open my own small business in Ethiopia.