Donatas Imbras

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Lithuanian

Highest Academic Degree: EMBA

Institution / University: Baltic Management Institute, Lithuania

Professional Career

All Donatas business life is involved in various projects in different fields (service, trading, manufacturing), where breakthrough movements were necessary for different purposes (market share gaining, entrance in new markets, new products introduction, highlight competitive advantage).

As a former professional sportsman, most of Donatas’ principles from sport is transforming into a business world that surrounds him currently. Such rules like do not give up, constantly improve, out of the box thinking, act faster and be innovative involve him in new challenges and help to find ways how to solve them.

Research Interest

Donatas research of interest is about successful strategy creation its implementation and operation for a particular SME software company in a rapidly growing software industry.

Research Specialty

Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Implementation, Operation, Software

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

As 65% of today’s projects do not achieve their objectives, I believe that my DBA studies will help me to strengthen my confidence in the business world overall and enhance my knowledge of all processes separately. In such way, I hope the DBA program will give me a better insight into management and processes, will enable me to better define my weaknesses and strengths and so acquire a greater understanding of my required priorities.

Also, I hope to develop my abilities to maintain concentration and consistency in the development of the project and to pay more attention to small details. Further, I expect to be able to identify how each event in the World can both affect every region differently and all countries together. Similarly, I expect to build my strengths and to stimulate my weaker areas while achieving the ultimate goal of acquiring a better understanding of the differing mentalities of people in different countries and environments, along with their working philosophy.

With this combination of knowledge and a greater understanding of multiple markets, I will have the possibility to aim for new targets and additionally to put myself in a position to make a greater positive contribution. 

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