Grace Lin Xu

Doctoral Alumna

Nationality: Chinese

Highest Academic Degree: EMBA (2008)

Institution / University: IMD

Professional Career

The mission of my career perspective is to improve people’s health through our company platform VIVA, which has the mission of Viva la Vida. I have always been in the business world of nutrition from working experience in China, Switzerland, USA then back to China; and studied in China and globally including London Metropolitan University, IMD and New York University.

Guest speaker for Boao Health Forum and Lead humanitarian activities and initiate multi-partisan partnership with key stakeholders including government, United Nation agencies (e.g. USAID, UNICEF, WHO), NGO/PVO and private sectors (DSM, General Mills, Amway) to meet the nutritional challenge in developing world when working in Nutrition Improvement Program in DSM USA. TEDx speaker and New York Marathon runner (3.33 record) and world adventurer.

Research Interest

The goal is to make VIVA, not as a global company but a social entrepreneurship organization to impact more people in need for health and happiness, to make the world a better place.

Research Specialty

This research aim is to find a framework for human well-being improvement methodology in the business world.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

I believe BSL is the best school for DBA due to its global positive impact that matches my goal as a global leader for positive changing.

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