Dr. Hazbi Avdiji

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: Swiss, Albanian

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Dr. Hazbi Avdiji has had a diverse range of experiences, all involving the analysis of how differences shape human conduct. In their doctoral and postdoctoral research, they were interested in how cognitive differences between project team members with different backgrounds influenced their collaboration capacities. In parallel, they have been involved in multiple festivals promoting an inclusive agenda on the diversity of gender identities, bodies, and sexualities. They are teaching inclusive collaboration in the E4S joint Master’s degree between the University of Lausanne, EPFL and IMD. They are also teaching diversity and inclusion at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Dr. Hazbi Avdiji holds an MS (University of Lausanne) in Information Systems and a Ph.D. (University of Lausanne) in Information Systems with a focus on project management and teamwork. They are currently working as a consultant on diversity and inclusion at Vicario Consulting in Lausanne.

Favorite Research Topics
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Feminine and collaborative management
  • Emotions and affects
  • Team collaboration and team processes
  • Conformity and homophilia
  • Critical and innovative thinking

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