Arshia Soltani & Eric Illick

Bachelor of Business Administration

In order to achieve a goal, one must always prepare, but no matter how much preparation is done, there is always an element of uncertainty that drives and excites each of us. It is the zeal to push boundaries and the desire to experience how it feels outside of one’s comfort zone that motivates you at first. Along the journey, you continually visualize yourself conquering the summit. In tandem with visualization, true preparation must begin. A plan for your adventure must be devised so that benchmarks can be set. But what is it that drives you despite setbacks and difficulties along the journey? Achieving smaller goals allows one to be more confident with the image visualized upon beginning of the journey.  As you develop trust in your team and yourself, you gain a momentum towards the ultimate goal. Outside of one’s comfort zone, one begins to understand the true fragility of life and this removes many of the distractions and allows you to focus only on what is most important to you. It is there where we search for a deeper understanding of self and explore our dreams.