Angus Goliath

Bachelor of Business Administration

I started running seriously when I was 13 years old, after realising how fast I would get back home from the shops. While running, I would imagine that the people walking on the pavements were spectators in a Stadium, cheering me along as I ran my imaginary race! It instilled a dream in me. I pursued athletics in college and became the national record holder for the 400m in my country, Zimbabwe, for the last four years. My running ignited a dream inside of me, in my heart, in my brain, as well as in my legs! It is a dream that might seem impossible, but I think it is achievable with good training which I didn’t have before coming to Switzerland. This dream is to run in the Olympics one day. But this dream is quite selfish and it got me thinking. Why not share my success with other young athletes by creating a Sports Academy where young athletes can be properly trained physically, mentally, psychologically, and as great entrepreneurs? No such place exists at the moment. This will be my way of pursuing my dream but also a way of giving back to the communities that have helped me come this far.