Lilian Shaftacola

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Cypriot

Highest Academic Degree: Masters of Science in Financial Engineering

Institution / University: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Professional Career

Lilian has over 20 years of experience working in financial institutions, largely in the field of risk management.  This has given her the opportunity to perform in-depth analysis on large corporates that were active in diverse industries, examining their operations, financials and strategy to determine their net worth.  At the same time, she has participated in the development of various quantitative models to accurately and efficiently calculate the required capital and provisioning levels for banking institutions in line with regulatory requirements. Her academic background (degrees in mechanical, industrial and financial engineering) has supported her in this.

She is currently focused on becoming an independent financial consultant in order to tackle the significant challenges that she had identified while employed within the industry and to find ways to have a direct impact. 

Research Interest

Employing effective risk management techniques throughout the banking industry, in particular ensuring that a proper ethical code is being followed at all levels; examining internal as well as external ethical breaches in banks to see why they occur and how they can best be prevented; creating a more equitable environment for bankers to do business.

Research Specialty

To study the effect of global shocks to the economy on the ethical dealings of banks located in Europe.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The years I have spent working in financial organizations have allowed me to mature as a professional and to have a significantly more comprehensive picture of the banking industry while my experiences have also resulted in my becoming comfortable at speaking in public and defending my theories.  Working towards a DBA will allow me to combine my experiences with my academic skills to take a deep dive and explore.  My aim is to research a new framework that will provide solutions to the practical concerns I have noted while in the professional world.  It will give me the fulfilment of doing what I love while being able to contribute to my industry.

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