Francisca Hongla

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Cameroonian

Highest Academic Degree: MBA/ MSc

Institution / University: University of Buea/ Biaka University Institute of Buea

Professional Career

CEO of St. Veronica Medical Centre (SVMC) and Vice-Chancellor of the Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB). Responsible for Managing SVMC’s overall operations, delegating and directing daily activities, agendas, driving sustainability, communicating with the Board of Trustees and ensuring effective management. In BUIB, coordinating and ensuring realization of the university’s teaching, research and outreach goals. Lead the academic and administrative departments in the university. Assist in policy development, budgetary preparation and maintaining a positive image of the institution through the promotion of academic and research excellence.

For the past twenty (20) years, I have been with the Chamber of Commerce as a Member, Delegate for my Region and now member of the Executive Bureau (Board of Directors). During this period, I worked towards the promotion and protection of local, national and international businesses within my region and the country at large. Presently, I am the first Vice President of the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (CWBLA) and leader of many other businesses and Civil Society Organizations where I seek to ensure profitability, sustainability and continuity especially for those institutions which are family owned.

Research Interest

Entrepreneurship, Business Management / Administration

Research Specialty

Family Businesses / Business Leadership

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

To acquire new skills, knowledge, abilities and leverage my practical experience in business management to contribute new knowledge to the business world with immediate, real-world applications. The practical approach of the DBA will permit me to meet, interact and learn from a community of practitioners and researchers equipped with diverse mind-sets across the business world and from different geographic locations. As a business leader, my goal is to be able to balance my professional, personal and educational commitments so as to gain the appropriate knowledge, skills and cutting edge innovations based on modern technologies. In doing the foregone, I hope to establish a fair competitive advantage by learning advanced business and research skills that will differentiate my business from others.

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