Tanaka Chibanda

MBA Participant

Nationality: Zambian, Zimbabwean

Years of Professional Experience: 5 years

Enrolled Program: MBA in Sustainable Business

Enrolled Intake: Spring 2021

Professional Career

I am an Anthropologist-turned-draftsman. In the world of interior design, I drew and manufactured both classic and modern interiors for refined and well considered homes. My work in the design industry cuts across many sectors and I felt a strong gravitational pull towards environmental sustainability issues and socio-economic justice.

I’m pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Business because it matters if our businesses are sustainable in the long term. When I completed my Bachelor of Laws I appreciated the limits of legislation when it comes to propelling social and economic change. I’ve come to understand that it is investors who determine what happens in the world. As a result, I feel the need, in my career, to champion green investment. In a way, this is a full circle moment considering my background in Law.

  • Project Management
  • Drafting
  • Interior Design
Career Objectives / Personal Vision & Mission

Safeguarding our planet for the benefit of future generations is my overall career objective. Everything else flows from there.