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Humans of BSL

At BSL, we are all bound by our common passion for conducting our business (and indeed our life) in a way that does good in the world. We discover through these stories the infinite number of different ways that diversity can make this common goal manifest itself. Humans of BSL celebrates this diversity and commonality, and slowly reveals through its wonderfully unique Humans, the Soul of BSL.

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All Humans of BSL photographs by Jonathan Viey

Claudia Kranefuss, Professor

I have always been driven to try new things. I like learning how the mind works, how to get people to develop themselves and reach their potential. So 2 years ago, I thought, “Clau, let’s challenge yourself and try something you literally never did before” and I started surfing. Since I do not consider myself as a great sports woman, this was quite an adventure.  I took my kids, we went to Portugal, and I went into the waves! The waves looked much higher in the water than from the beach. Trying to catch the right one, having the faith I would be able to stand (which is not too easy at my age ?) was just an amazing experience. Being in the ocean allows no distracting thoughts. The beauty is just being in the moment.  There is this one second when I felt the wave lift me up and at that moment I felt nothing else than just the wave, the board and me, in complete flow. What makes me so passionate about surfing is the feeling of being in tune, the fun and the freedom. I realized surfing and living the rest of life is not so different. If we all learn to handle the good and bad waves, the mistakes that we make and just be in the flow, life is much easier and more fun. In the end, when I challenge myself I always achieve much more than I ever thought I could.

Patricia Carolina Lopez Miranda, Student
MBA in Sustainable Business

I was born and raised in El Salvador to a wonderful family that has always inspired me to live a… Read more >

David Kibbe, Staff

“Treat others how you’d like to be treated.” This statement was the life mantra of my recently deceased father. As… Read more >

Alexandra Gritsenko, Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

From an early age, it became evident to everyone who knew me that I have a powerful strive to help… Read more >

Arshia Soltani & Eric Illick, Students
Bachelor of Business Administration

In order to achieve a goal, one must always prepare, but no matter how much preparation is done, there is… Read more >

Suchi Dubey, Student
Master in International & Sustainable Finance

“If you want to do something, just go for it”, I am a true believer of this statement. I grew… Read more >

Yelshaday Gebreselassie, Student
Master in International Business

I’m Yelshaday and I’m from Ethiopia. I was born and grew up in Addis. When I don’t study, I play… Read more >

Claire Faessel, Student
EMBA in Sustainable Business

When I started working, I was told it was necessary to conform to the norm of doing business. I was… Read more >

Dr. Sascha Berger, Student

My whole family, my brother, mom, and dad work in our family business called digades. Our company is a German… Read more >

Dr. Bettina Palazzo, Professor
Business Ethics and CSR

When I started to dance salsa a few years ago, I realized that you can only dance well if you… Read more >

Napat Suttapong (Phil), Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

I was intrigued by the world of entrepreneurship since I was young. In a way, it reflects the way humans… Read more >

Dr. Elodie Baerlocher, Professor
Business Psychology

Since I was a little girl, music, travelling and discovering cultures have always been a very important part of my… Read more >

Joshua Spainhower, Student

I grew up in the eastern part of the San Francisco bay area, in a town where my family had… Read more >

Thao Thi Thu Ho & Michal Koltonik, Students

We were born in two different countries: Poland and Vietnam, and met each other 13 years ago in a language… Read more >

Diego Horcajada, Student
Diploma in Sustainable Business

I am on a personal journey of seeking balance between personal and professional values. I joined BSL after 15 years… Read more >

The Legacy Band,
BSL Faculty & Staff

As the idea came up that our faculty and staff could form a band and anyone with goodwill would be… Read more >

Mazen Lahreche, Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

Always stay curious, always explore. Learn new things and the opportunities will come from unseen corners.I am the fruit of… Read more >

Larisa Kryachkova, Candidate

My life has always been full of colors. Born and raised in the Russian Urals until the age of 20,… Read more >

Dr. Jan Erik Meidell, Professor
Master of International & Sustainable Finance

I grew up on the stormy west-coast of Norway. When I was 5 years old, I received my first boat…. Read more >

Cecilia Giacchetti, Student
Master in International Business

The first time I took a flight by myself, I was 16 and I went to the other side of… Read more >

Denitsa Marinova & Yasmina Volet, Staff

Yasmina: “Working with people I love and respect is so important to me, just as important as what I do…. Read more >

Maximilien Abrezol, Student
Diploma in Sustainable Business

Not being able to stay calm even just for a week in my home country of Switzerland, I’ve always known… Read more >

Hicham Zaime, Student
Master in International & Sustainable Finance

I am grateful for all that life has given me, the bad and the good. Because the good made me… Read more >

Axel Ungurian, Student

Two years ago, I moved from being a realist to an optimist. I learned that if you fail, you should… Read more >

Nikita Safronov, Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

When I was still living in New York City, I received an unintentionally profound piece of advice. It was my… Read more >

Alexandre Rappaz, Staff Member

I fell in love with Futsal 13 years ago when I started playing as a goalkeeper for the University of… Read more >

Madina Kukenova, Professor
Master in International & Sustainable Finance

My name is Madina, which means “culture” in my native language, Kazakh. I was born and grew up during Soviet… Read more >

Adriaan Trampe, Student
Master of International Business

I’ve always had a passion for watchmaking. To me, watchmaking is a wonderful profession where craftsmanship still comes first. The… Read more >

Angus Goliath, Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

I started running seriously when I was 13 years old, after realising how fast I would get back home from… Read more >

Lidiya Kudina, Student
Bachelor of Business Administration

I was born in Siberia, Russia, the land of bears and snow. With family in Australia, Switzerland and Russia, I… Read more >