Claudia Kranefuss


I have always been driven to try new things. I like learning how the mind works, how to get people to develop themselves and reach their potential. So 2 years ago, I thought, “Clau, let’s challenge yourself and try something you literally never did before” and I started surfing. Since I do not consider myself as a great sports woman, this was quite an adventure.  I took my kids, we went to Portugal, and I went into the waves! The waves looked much higher in the water than from the beach. Trying to catch the right one, having the faith I would be able to stand (which is not too easy at my age ?) was just an amazing experience. Being in the ocean allows no distracting thoughts. The beauty is just being in the moment.  There is this one second when I felt the wave lift me up and at that moment I felt nothing else than just the wave, the board and me, in complete flow. What makes me so passionate about surfing is the feeling of being in tune, the fun and the freedom. I realized surfing and living the rest of life is not so different. If we all learn to handle the good and bad waves, the mistakes that we make and just be in the flow, life is much easier and more fun. In the end, when I challenge myself I always achieve much more than I ever thought I could.