Dr. Alexandra Broillet

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: Austrian

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Professor Dr. Alexandra Broillet focuses on three main applied research areas within in the field of Cultural Consumer Behaviour Insights. She is passionate about the perspective of consumer understanding of products and/ or services within their natural physical and/or virtual socio-economic field (1), the socio-technical design interactions of consumers with new technologies (2), and Innovative Qualitative Method Design. She teaches Consumer Behaviour at BBA level.

Her Ph.D. gave a definition of luxury craftsmanship’s products from the client’s perspective through an Innovative Client’s perspective. Her innovative way of gaining deep Consumer Insights have been influenced through her long term membership within the OVSM (Observatoire en Vente, Stratégie et Marketing) at the University of Geneva. An international luxury brand and an international research institute have used her results. In addition she holds a Master in Science of Communication and Media from the University of Geneva.

Her academic and applied research experiences are based on different teaching and research functions on Bachelor and Master level at the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva and Fribourg, as well as on different private Universities. Prof. Dr. Broillet holds a pedagogical certificate from the HES-SO in Switzerland. She participated in different applied research projects with national and international research fellows and multiples economic partners. In addition, she is working occasionally on consulting projects on an international and national level. She published peer reviewed IEEE and European articles for conferences and journals, research reports, as well as book chapters. Her practical professional background is based on different functions in Austria and Geneva.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation – that has to be understood by humans!

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