Hicham Zaime

Master in International & Sustainable Finance

I am grateful for all that life has given me, the bad and the good. Because the good made me realize what life was about and the spirit around it, and the bad showed me how life could be when you lose that spirit. I am grateful for my childhood in Morocco; I won’t be the person I am today, had I grown up elsewhere. Hence, everything else would have been complete nonsense. Growing up in Morocco in the early nineties was very intense and joyful, a place full of love and traditions, a wide culture and smiling people. Morocco taught me to always smile, whatever I am going through, because worries do fade away and bright days always come after the storm, so be kind and patient. Morocco is my basis, but the world is the rest. I am lucky that I have the chance to live in different countries, that’s precious in my eyes. I am grateful for the love that can be shared between all kinds of people. I am grateful to live in Switzerland, a country where human values are protected and peaceful vibes float around. A country that showed me how everyone can live together. And finally, I am grateful for meeting and collaborating with people from so many nationalities of the world, it is the strength of our school.