The BSL EMBA doesn’t only teach numerous technical and interpersonal skills, it also organizes them into a radical business toolbox that can be used right away.

Florian Dumont – Switzerland

Executive MBA

Swiss, Executive MBA

Florian joined the Executive MBA program at BSL seeking to improve his soft skills and learn to manage larger projects. He is convinced that the experience gained at BSL was immediately translated in to his daily management. Today, his professional background includes IT development and project management, human resource management, accounting and finance, and marketing activities across various industries.

Florian sees himself making a difference to the world by bringing innovation and technology together to develop new solutions with a lasting positive impact on the environment.

How do you perceive you have changed professionally as a result of your studies at BSL?
My management has become more effective. The “MBA-toolbox” I developed during my studies at BSL gave me a lot of confidence when taking new challenges and managing larger projects.