Jennifer Pougnet

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Canadian

Highest Academic Degree: Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Public Health

Institution / University: University of Alberta

Professional Career

Global Data Policy Lead at Roche in Basel, Switzerland. Responsible for Global Data Policy Strategy, associated policy positions, interventions and operating model. Furthermore engaging with data and digital policy makers at supranational levels. As well as supporting countries in their local data and digital policy strategy development and engagement. Before joining Roche, Jennifer worked in large scale health systems, implementing electronic medical records, developing and implementing policy and strategy at both operational and legislative levels.

Research Interest

Business data and digital strategy in healthcare

Research Specialty

Intersection of business data and digital strategy in healthcare with corporate strategy and how engagement with the data and digital economies can enable a competitive advantage for organizations.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

Organizational policy positions, whether in the public or private sector, should serve as enablers of the overall business strategy. However in the space of data and digital how this strategy is set is not being pursued relative to overall corporate strategy and generally driven from the technical side. My intention through my DBA work is to develop a framework to support organizations in the health sector to develop a business-driven data and digital strategy. Ideally this will enable organizations to better realize their corporate strategy through engagement with the data and digital economies.

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