People category: Doctoral Alumni

Dr. Maurik de Groot

Doctoral Alumnus Nationality: Dutch Highest Academic Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration Institution / University: VU University Amsterdam Professional …Read more

Dr. Shamaila Gull

Doctoral Alumnae Nationality: Pakistani Highest Academic Degree: Master in Business and Information Technology (MBIT) Institution / University: Institute of Business and …Read more

Dr. Gulen Hashmi

Doctoral Alumna Nationality: Turkish Highest Academic Degree: Executive MBA, 2011 Institution / University: Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey Professional Career Having my Bachelor’s in …Read more

Corlea Human

Doctoral Alumna Nationality: French / South African Highest Academic Degree: MMUS, MBA Institution / University: University of South Africa, Business School …Read more

Dr. Sehoon Kim

Doctoral Candidate – BSL-aSSIST Nationality: South Korean Highest Academic Degree: MS in HRD Institution / University: Chung-Ang University, South Korea …Read more

Dr. Franco Lucá

Doctoral Alumnus Nationality: Italian and German Highest Academic Degree: MBA (2009) Institution / University: University of Wales Professional Career Franco Lucá is an …Read more

Dr. Frederic Narbel

Doctoral Alumnus Nationality: Swiss and Finnish Highest Academic Degree: DBA, 2017 Institution / University: Business School Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland Professional Career Frederic …Read more

Dr. Henry Oguine

Doctoral Alumnus Nationality: Nigerian and Luxembourgers Highest Academic Degree: MBA, 2009 Institution / University: Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg Professional Career After completing a Bachelor’s …Read more

Grace Lin Xu

Doctoral Alumna Nationality: Chinese Highest Academic Degree: EMBA (2008) Institution / University: IMD Professional Career The mission of my career …Read more