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Cross-Curricular Activities

Nurturing learning experiences

Experience makes for a simultaneous understanding of the big picture, the stakes, the challenges, and the potential solutions. Complex knowledge is, therefore, easier to grasp through experience than explanation.

BSL was founded with the vision of a faculty of practitioners bringing their business experience directly into the classroom. Today, BSL expands the part of experience in learning by making essential phases of learning an experience, even, on many occasions, a business experience.

Therefore, a wealth of cross-cultural activities provide BSL Master’s students with unique learning opportunities.

BSL Investment Club

The BSL Investment Club (BSLIC) was formed by two Bachelor’s students who felt the need to create a community where students and alumni can discuss and learn about investing in financial markets. The club creates opportunities for its members by organizing seminars, open forums with experts, workshops and trading competitions. Their mission is to create a supportive environment for students looking to join the investment universe and to promote valuable networking between their members and guest speakers. 

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Incub&Co is Business School Lausanne’s partner. Students who attend the incubator benefit from legal, managerial, and financial support. More importantly, they enter an entrepreneurial learning curve through contacts and exchanges with their peers and the experts who collaborate with Incub&Co.

Make sure to visit BSL’s entrepreneurs page to discover the entrepreneurial journeys of BSL currents students and alumni.


Sustainability Club

Founded by students in 2020, The BSL Sustainability Club’s (BSLSC) goal is to bring together the BSL community through discussion and collective intelligence on areas such as Economy, Society and the Environment.

The BSLSC is actively engaged in local initiatives, partners with local universities, and hosts a variety of gatherings to discuss pressing issues in today’s world, providing insight and tips on how each of us can make small changes, which in turn, collectively, can make great societal differences.

The students who have joined this club are believers that we, the people, must take action and bring policies to governments, rather than wait for the inverse.

The BSLSC brings together like-minded people and encourages open dialogue to review, analyze, debunk and validate all sorts of information regarding sustainability and social reform activities. Their biggest successes to date include formal and informal events such as guest speaker events, panel discussions, and workshops. 

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Academic Citizen’s Assembly

As we gathered researchers from EPFL and BSL for the 2020 inaugural symposium on societal transition pathways, we realized the necessity to define an additional democratic process that would help people learn about such essential topics, and most importantly, involve them in building the answers, in a respectful, well structured deliberation. We called this process the Academic Citizens’ Assembly.

This is exactly what citizens’ assemblies have been doing successfully for several decades, with many excellent examples in over a dozen countries. The process is simple: a representative group of citizens come together to learn, deliberate and write proposals, and vote, developing a list of recommendations on their topic.

The Academic dimension of the assembly is an invitation for science-driven minds of all horizons to move beyond the role of external experts, and participate in the discussion process. This dimension is disruptive for smaller size assemblies that can potentially gather all stakeholders of a decision-making process.

The Academic Citizens’ Assembly (ACA) has also been designed as a universally inclusive citizens’ assembly, using a process and tool to allow it to scale to any size, including the whole population of a city, canton, or country. It aims to become representative by including all people concerned by a decision, which means all who live in the area for which the decision is being made. 


Student Council & Business Innovation Weeks

With the Business Innovation Weeks, we want our students to become their own teachers because it is the best way for them to become life-long learners.

Four times per year, BSL Bachelor and Master students take full ownership of all the teaching activities. They design the program, connect with guest speakers, set up the schedule, and run the various lectures and workshops.

The production of a full week of teaching and learning is a complete business-running experience for the students. It also provides BSL with a renewed understanding of the students’ needs and interests.

BSL supports the Business Innovation Weeks by providing the students with a budget that they manage independently. The programs direction also gives support and advice during the preparation phases of the various weeks.