Business Innovation Week – Summer 2022 – Live Updates

Welcome to the Business Innovation Week – Summer 2022 Edition!

Thursday 21st July, 2022 – Day 4 (AM) (Final day!)

15:17 – A BIG THANK YOU to the Student Council and Volunteers for creating another memorable Business Innovation Week! We at BSL wish you all a fantastic Summer Holiday!

13:37 -And we are back with Guest Speaker Guillaume Caillot from Merckgroup

12:00 – 13:30 -Well deserved lunch break!

11:25 – A small break now for our students before coming back to hear testimonials from active students Yasmina Hata and Natali Topolska, who will be speaking about their jobs/internships (application process, Industry and lessons learned)

10:10 – On we move to our 1st Guest speaker of the day: Ms. Cassandre Burgess from Consulting Kinetics who will speak about soft skills and leadership development for the next 45 minutes. Welcome to BSL Cassandre!

10:04 – Thank you Paula! Very interesting!

09:45 – Good Morning everyone! We kick off today with a presentation from current student, Paula Lopez Sanchez. who will share some insights and lessons learned regarding her application to her current job position and what she has learned since starting.

Wednesday 20th July, 2022 – Day 3 (PM)

13:02 – A Big Warm Welcome to BBA Student, Hedwig Wessel, who will be presenting her business case to students.

13:18 – A little question from the Chief Academic Officer & Head of the Doctoral School, Dr. Dominique Bourqui

14:15 – Quick 15 min break before a practical exercise.

14:30 – And we are back. Let’s see what is in store for our students.

14:45 – Students have been separated into groups and will be back t 15:15.

Wednesday 20th July, 2022 – Day 3 (AM)

11:48 – And last but not least, on to the 6th Group’s presentation:

11:40 – 5th Group’s presentation:

11:35 – And now for the 4th Group.

11:30 – The 3rd Group is up.

11:20 – And now for our 2nd Group.

11:15 – First Group is up.

11:11 – Presentation Time!!

10:03 – Thanks to a bit of morning rain, the cool air has crept in to our building where students are currently hard at work on their group projects! They will be presenting at 11am and have 7 minutes to present their final findings and recommendations.

Tuesday 19th July, 2022 – Day 2 (PM)

16:03 – BIW day 2 comes to a close with BSL’s Acting Dean requesting that students bring the key findings and outputs to tomorrow workshop! Well done to each and all of you and see you tomorrow!

15:25 – Group 3

14:35 – Students are now taking a break after the feedback

14:05 – The Acting Dean of BSL is asking questions and sharing his views on what the two groups have come up with-

13:35 – Group 2

13:05 – Group 1

13:00 – Review of group works commences

Tuesday 19th July, 2022 – Day 2 (AM)

10:15 – Group works until 12:00!

09:40 – And so day 2 begins!

07:32 – It’s going to be a hot day today… I have the feeling that we will see creative minds at work with ice creams in their hands… Today’s day starts at 9:30 with a Welcome Session and a deeper dive into the business case that was presented yesterday about Until then, enjoy your morning coffee and read up about their interesting farming cooperative concept!

Monday 18th July, 2022 – Day 1 (PM)

14:48 – A little break now before some Team Building Activities to round up the day!

14:44 – Ideation Session

14:40 – Try and Test

14:20 – And we are back!

Monday 18th July, 2022 – Day 1 (AM)

13:15 – See you back at 14h15!

12:50 – And right before we break, a few slides for food for though for this afternoon.

12:45 – Thank you Paolo Eicher for an insightful presentation!

12:15 – Students are listening to a presentation from Paolo Eicher on a local cooperative and how it works as a team. The BIW students will work on this cooperative as a business case and will create and build actionable items and solutions for the cooperative to be able to implement.

11:55 – Teams are encouraged to create a team agreement 🙂

11:50 – And are now presenting and discussing 🙂

11:40 – Teams were asked to identify tasks and roles that individuals are good at, but find unmotivating to do/achieve.

11:25 – And here are some of their responses:

11:18 – More group questions for our students


11:10– And we are back!

11:00 – Students are now taking a little break and will be back at 11:10

10:48 – Students are now sharing their group work.

10:35 – Our students have been separated into 7 working groups and have been asked to complete this slide.

In order to not look ignorant:

10:04 – Here we go!

10:00 – Our guest Speaker today is: Mrs Biliana Vassileva, an innovation coach, consultant, and lecturer living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.

08:35 – Kick-off to the Business Innovation Week will start today at 9:30am! We can’t wait!