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Daniel Lüscher

2022 Management Report Daniel Lüscher’s heart beats for his family, climate protection and our blue planet. Growing up in the …Read more

Ai May Ong

2022 Management Report Driving green logistics: a service offering for companies in the chemical industry Sustainability has been trending, and …Read more

Ashima Rajput

2022 Management Report 1NDEX is visualized as a web-platform for enthusiasts and soon-to-be enthusiasts of local and circular consumption. In our …Read more

Nicole Watson

2022 Management Report NYOTA Hub ‘Off-Grid Electricity Access Through E-Hub Clusters Systems’                                SUMMARY   The NYOTA HUB ie: the …Read more

Xuehan Xu

2022 Management Report CBP – China Battery Power The business in my project is to promote one more sustainable material …Read more