Business Innovation Week – Fall 2020 – Live Updates

Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Thursday 12th November – Day 4


15:30 – This concludes the Fall Term 2020 Business Innovation Week at BSL!

A BIG Thank You to the Student Council!

14:15 – The floor is now to Stefano Gianti (Swiss Quote – Switzerland’s no.1 Online Bank)

14:05 – Quick 10 min break before we had the floor to Stefano Gianti, (Education Manager – Senior Officer of Swiss Quote)

14:03 – Group Photo before the 10 min break!

13:45 – Interestingly enough, the Trader’s Club idea grew from a simple WhatsApp Group. Their is a referencing model to help build the client base. Rafael says “We don’t have clients, we have friends. People truly love the platform!”.

13:35 – Rafael Ferri announces not only on his trading platform but also on his social media profiles what he has / is investing in. He does not make recommendations as does not want to assume others’ risk but in doing so forces users/followers to read up on and do due diligence before taking action and investing.

13:30 – Rafael Ferri admits that he works a lot, gets little sleep, works with a high risk but manages this well.

13:25 – The Trader’s Club (investment platform – @tradersclubbr) has over 400,000 users of which 100,000 users are paid.

13:20 – Q&A Session with Rafael Ferri (Trading – Brazil)

13:05 – Investment introduction with Rafael Ferri (Trading – Brazil)


It is wonderful to see how students are co-creating and self-organizing and how BSL’s approach to Experiential Learning is truly appreciated by our students! Well Done to the Student Council and we look forward to learning more in the afternoon session about Capital Markets with special guests Rafael Ferri & Stefano Gianti!

11:50 – How did students rate this session?

11:47 – Final Results are in!

GloRoll Wins! The members of this group will be receiving vouchers to Real Fly in Sion to experience Free Fall flight in a safe and controlled environment! Well done!

11:40 – 3 group totals are in!

11:35 – The votes are being tallied for the first group! 25 votes have been collected so far for the first group!

11:00 – Groups presentations are taking place… I wonder which idea will prevail and win the student vote!

Easy Health – Calorie counter and fitness app

Emergency Shop – App for getting basic products (that you forgot to purchase) to your door step

Ervana – Herbal Tea and Alternative Medicin

GloRoll – Fluorescent Toilet Paper

Tailored Travels – Travel app based on your Personality

Les Coccinelles – Protecting your privates through protective casing for laptops

LostGolfBalls – Finding lost golf balls and giving them a second life

TiptoPay – Digital Payment app with community sharing and contribution (customers receive redeemable tokens when information sharing and contributing)

HBS Simulation: Startup Creation – Presented, Hosted and Run by The BSL Student Council

Students are going to be put into breakout rooms at 10am to discuss and present entrepreneurial ideas and the student body will vote on the best idea. The group with the best idea will win a voucher for an exciting sporting activity!

Real-Estate in Norway – Startup tips and lessons learnt.

Slow Farm Project – A discussion is taking place on CDB Oil and Marijuana production and the difficulties of legal product promotion of these products in the Swiss Market. There are many discrepancies and regulations worldwide which make for a complex project!

9:00 – A discussion on Entrepreneurship is about to start where we will have some of our Master students presenting and discussing businesses they have started or are looking to start. Exciting!

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Students and researchers from all the BSL programs discuss societal changes
by BSL’s Acting Dean Dr. David Claivaz

Wednesday 11th November – Day 3


15:15 -16:00 – 2020 Student Council Presentation, by current Master and Bachelor students: Gresa Sulkaj, Andrew Mediavilla Sanabria, Joao Dassoler, Gabriel Ruthes

14:30 – 15:15 – Student Council discussion with former Student Council Presidents, Arman Danielyan & Arshia Soltani

Previous Student Council Members (2019/2020)

13:00 – 14:30 – Session 6 (Health & Well-Being) – Guest Speaker: Cathleen Cain


11:00 – 12:00 – Smartest learning

9:00 – 11:00 – Impact AI

9:00 – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics! Here we come!

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by BSL’s President – Philippe Du Pasquier

Tuesday 10th November – Day 2


16:30 – Thanks for a Brilliant second day! Fantastic conversations, sharing of knowledge and engagement by everyone!

Contact the BSL Administration if you’d like to learn more about the Business Innovation Weeks and how we at BSL foster Experiential Learning throughout our programs.

15:25 – Dr. Ganesh Nathan(BSL Professor) – Lecture on Ethics

15:10 – Dr. Ganesh Nathan(BSL Professor) – Lecture on Ethics

14:25 – Nicole Watson(Current EMBA in Sustainable Business student at BSL)Econic Earth Foundation

14:15 – Anna Chilton (Current EMBA in Sustainable Business student at BSL) – What is Sustainable wine?


9:00 – Some interesting talks coming up this morning On Entrepreneurship! Dana – Alumna (Incub & Co – BSL Incubator), Pascal – Alumni (Clemap) & Prof. Shamir Yanay (Student clubs) are here to share experiences and engage with students and their questions.

Monday 9th November – Day 1

Blog Post

My Story is my Advice
by BSL’s Acting Dean Dr. David Claivaz


15:20 – Great Session with Manouil Karapepetsis, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Brosky Media and Daniel Chadorhanny, Founder of The CH Group & Legit Check!

14:00 – Coming up!


11:30 – Love seeing our students altogether online!

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The Business Innovation Week started today at @businessschoollausanne (BSL) with the participation of more than 40 students. This morning, we all revisited our learning journeys to answer the following questions: – What is the most important lesson we have learned in our lives? – Where and how has this learning occurred? We realized that our most important learnings were more related to our attitudes towards life and learning, rather than discipline specific concepts, tools and frameworks. Some of the key words shared by the students: flexibility, empathy, team work, managing emotions, resilience, etc. We also realized that most important learnings happen out of the classroom, students mentioned interactions with one another, daily activities, moving to new countries, internships, etc. as important drivers of learning. In my opinion, true learning transcends contextual and temporal dimensions, it helps us in fine-tuning our relationship to ourselves and our environments. Through true learning, not only do we absorb information and knowledge, but also we are able to reflect on and refine how we learn and how we think. I hereby thank the students who organized this week and wish them best of luck with the continuation of the week. #truelearning #learning #bslfeed

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09:30 – What an Incredibly Exciting Agenda for this week!!!