Diploma in Sustainable Business

DAS Projects

Sustainability Consulting Project

The Project of the Sustainable Business specialization of the E/MBA is an individual or group project in the area of business sustainability.

The Project significantly complements the 5 specialization modules in Sustainable Business, ensuring that you have not only acquired broad expertise in sustainability but have also completed a complex real-life project during your studies. This has two direct benefits to you:

  1.  you can apply what you learn in a real-life situation
  2.  you can gain first-hand experience in business sustainability that you can apply in the field

Transforming business to become sustainable is a huge challenge that requires a complex range of skills and competencies, not least change agent qualities. This is why you and your team are accompanied by experienced coaches for your professional and personal development during the entire consulting journey. A growth opportunity unlike any other in the future field of business.

The project added many dimensions of learning that were important, both being able to practice the sustainability theories learned in class and experience leading change first hand. Combining the project work with the leading change modules was a great success, since it offered time for reflections which is rarely given in industry. The highest personal learning came from the soft skills of understanding resistance and trying to get people to start discussing the “road block”.

Linnea Peterson, DAS Program Participant