Business Innovation Week – Fall 2022 – Live Updates

Welcome to the Business Innovation Week – Fall 2022 Edition!

BIW updates are presented in reverse chronological order

Friday 11th November, 2022 – Day 5 – STUDENT PITCHES

Students are about to pitch their ideas and all students will be voting on each of the ideas to be selected for the future BIW topics! The groups will be presenting in a pre-determined order, chosen by the students. Students have 10 minutes to present their BIW concepts and have a 3-5min Q&A session afterwards. Once all students have presented, all students will be voting for the preferred BIW concepts!

Group 9 – IT & Web

Group 8 – Responsbile Banking

11:40 – Unfortunately, the presentation was not shared via zoom for online participants. A copy will be made available at a later moment.

Group 7 – Politics and Business

Group 6 – Skills Certification

11:10 – Unfortunately, the presentation was not shared via zoom. A copy will be made available at a later moment.

Group 5 – Negotiations

11:00 – Next Team is up!

Group 4 – Automation AI

10:46 – And we are back!

10:35 – Time for a break! These “speed-dating” presentations are fantastic so far! we will be back at 10:45!

Group 3 – Personal Development

10:30 – Student Comments and Questions:

  • I would like to be involved with this!
  • How are we going to promote healthy food if we are offering croissants?
  • I’m not sure I saw any company in the agenda and I think it would be nice to invite a company which changed the way they operate as a concrete example.
  • We have a DBA student who is focused on well-being! Come see me! *Dr. Dominique Bourqui

10:20 – We now have Souhaila, Samuel, Caroline, Francis and Paulo who are going to speak about their idea on Personal Development.

Group 2 – AI Automation

10:15 – A few comments and Questions from students.

  • can we learn more about what is possible, having this over 2 days rather than 1?
  • can we see about collaborating with EPFL on this learning?

10:05 – Here we go!

AI Generated Image : ( – text used: Group presentations to 40 business students in a classroom)

Group 1 – Harnessing the Power of Negotiations

10:00 – Well done Group 6! On to some reactions and questions!

  • The Acting Dean is offering help for access to visits to the UN.
  • A student has said that they feel inspired !


Thursday 10th November, 2022 – Day 4

Due to illness, live blogging of this day’s session is unavailable. Updates to this page will be made as soon as possible.

Wednesday 9th November, 2022 – Day 3

17:15 – BIW day 3 ended with a talk from Ramzi Bouzerda, CEO of Droople.

13:00 – After lunch, the ideation and conceptualization sessions continued. Mentors (some staff and BSL executive education students) toured each classroom to hear the concepts our students have been coming up with as well as were asked for input and an external view / insight into the ideas. I was a lucky chosen one to take part in this and was so excited that I forgot to take photos of the days’ activities!

11:45 – Here is a visual recap of the morning visit!

09:45 – Students are on a tour where some magic happens. Currently, we have a student testing a prototype medical boot that was created to measure pressure applied on the medical boot. This concept was created by an engineer who was asked to see if they could create a more “interactive” medical boot for those with foot injuries. This boot is connected via Bluetooth and can measure pressure applied and alerts the user via audible sound if the pressure exceeds a specifically set amount. This proof of concept is being used to gain funding to make this concept and bring it to the market. The IP (intellectual Property) for this concept has been made available for all.

09:15 – Students are listening to Benoit Dubuis and Juliette Lemaignen! What great profiles to have speak to our students this morning at MassChallenge!

08:45 – Students are starting to gather at MassChallenge in Renens. They will be listening to guest speakers at MassChallenge and then visiting the Inartis Foundation this morning and then returning back to BSL after lunch to continue on their projects. We will update with photos as soon as possible!

Tuesday 8th November, 2022 – Day 2

17:15 – And what an inspiring talk…

16:00 – Laurent Schafer is with us!

15:10 – Student pitches are taking place at the moment. There are some interesting concepts being presented…

13:10 – Professor El-Andaloussi is clarifying the expected outcomes from students at the end of this week. He has stated that by the end of today, points 1, 2 and 3 should be clear and completed.

13:00 – Here is this afternoon’s agenda:

11:55 – A spot of lunch and we will be back at 13:00!

10:40 – Students present not only their potential VIP speakers but also how they would go about contacting them and inviting them to the BIW, in line with the Exercise and Tips given by Daniele Ticli.

09:55 – After a small break, teams will break out into groups to think of a VIP they would like to invite and have at future BSL BIWs

09:00 – We kick off Day 2 of the BIW with an engaging external stakeholder lecture from Daniele Ticli.

Monday 7th November, 2022 – Day 1

15:15 – As students do group work, updates will no longer be able to be made today. Looking for ward to seeing you here tomorrow!

14:07 –

13:54 – A little 10 minute break for our BSL students.

13:35 – Students are debriefing about this session with some questions

13:15 – Students are being organized into groups and have been sent to rooms within BSL to have initial discussions regarding Ideation, Topic: The next BIWs.

12:59 – Getting ready to join back to the session

Afternoon preview – This afternoon will constitute of a Listening Exercise and Ideation Workshop, and then students will work together in teams to create a first concept elaboration & them teams will pitch these concepts and receive feedback for work later on this week.

12:00 – Lunch Time!!

11:40 – “Stories are what makes us human” – What do you want to teach / learn? The How Comes After!

Prof. El-Andaloussi giving his input with regards to the organization of the BIW.

11:35 – Here is sneak preview of participants in the Classroom for the morning session…

11:25 – We are happy to host previous students (now alumni) who ran Previous BIWs during challenging times (Covid-19)! They are here to explain how they coordinated, managed and developed the BIW with the multiple constraints they faced, be it the external environment, motivation, financing, coordination and last minute details and other various challenges!

10:45 – Presentation about the Student Council & Elections (headed by current student Ashkan)

Voting will take place later on this week.

09:10 – Acting Dean Dr. David Claivaz delivers an inspiration speech at the beginning of the Business Innovation Week to all students, prenset both at BSL and online.

09:00 – KICK-OFF

The Business Innovation Week is an integral part of our Core studies at BSL and this year, we are starting off with a BIW driven by Prof. Reda El-Andaloussi. Prof. El-Andaloussi’s experience and extensive network can be seen in the preparation of this week. As students will be working not only on their future BIW’s through engaging group workshops and sessions, but also learning how to do so.

Students will be visiting companies, such as the Inartis Foundation, but will also be hearing from high-level guest speakers such as Ramzi Bouzerda, CEO of Droople, or even Author, Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysicist Laurent Schafer.

Here below is their schedule and we look forward to providing updates as their week goes on!